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I am Karen Williamson, a natural dyer from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Plants are my medium, eco printing on a canvas of natural textiles intended to be worn as wearable art. The process of eco printing is a mindful and joyous one as I search for forms and colours in nature, creating a sense of place in which I love living while embracing sustainable principles.

My background is in nursing but I always held a dream to be a full time artist. After discovering the work of eco printer India Flint, I took a giant leap of faith and left a career in palliative care in 2016 to follow this creative journey. So, from dying to dyeing...


Each step in the process of eco dyeing is soulful, from foraging for plants through to unbundling the finished work. I embrace the serendipity of working with natural resources and in particular New Zealand native plants. The imprints of leaves, petals, seeds and bark bring their own Mauri or life force to the work. They leave a unique story about their history, spirituality and connectedness to the world. The result is a one-of-kind piece that reflects a sense of place and time in Aotearoa, imbued with the aroha given in it's making. The results are always magical. I offer workshops at my home studio in Kaipara, Northland. I am the founder of Nuku, and of Ake Ake Shrouds. 

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