Learn about the eco friendly process of dyeing with plant dyes whilst creating yourself a gorgeous scarf to keep forever.  This is a fabulous introduction to the world of natural dyeing for yourself or a perfect gift for a fellow creative.


Cochineal is a potent dye sourced from the scale insect Dactylopius coccus, a bug that contains carminic acid and lives as a parasite on prickly pear cacti. Carmine produces a range of hues from soft baby pink, fuchia, magenta, crimson red and purple.


In this package you’ll find ingredients needed to dye the scarf included and up to a further 170 grams of animal fibres i.e. silk or wool of your own. This is an opportunity to find an item in your wardrobe or op shop to upcycle, or dye wool for a knitting project for example.


Kit includes:


A hand bound instruction booklet with step by step instructions on preparing fabrics for dyeing including the mordant process and suggestions for further experimentation.

1 blank pure habotai silk scarf

Sachets containing dried cochineal bugs and mordant.

Fabric remnants to make test swatches.

All contained within an eco-friendly compostable box. Zero plastic!

Access to email support from myself, an experienced natural dyer.


Please see listings for other colours in the range of natural dye kits.

Natural Dye Kit - Cochineal

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